StartupSafary Leipzig First steps towards Circular Economy 11.05.2017

First steps towards a circular economy 21.04.2017

#SUSLeipzig: StartupSafary Leipzig: First steps towards Circular Economy 11.05.2017

11. May 2017

Leipzig: Starter Space, Brühl 1, 04109

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Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Startup Safary Leipzig. Die Präsentation findet in englischer Sprache statt.

It is not easy for a startup focused on social and environmental impact to survive in the current linear economy, especially when you are dealing with the unstylish topic of waste. However binee’s goals is to make waste collection sexy. Join Marilu Valente and her journey with the binee team in the quest to implement a circular economy concept in the current electronic waste sector. You will also take a look behind the scenes of the adventures in startup life as well as seeing a binee box in action in Leipzig’s popup store for tech, design and lifestyle, STARTER SPACE.

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