Oikos.dippt Leipzig 08.05.2017

Oikos.dippt 08.05.2017

Oikos.dippt: How can you recycle your electronics the easy way?

08. May 2017

oikos Leipzig: Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik | Universität Leipzig

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Did you know that there is a new and easy way of getting rid of your old electronic devices in Leipzig??

The local startup binee from Plagwitz has been developing a practical solution for users to recycle their devices without any complicated journeys to recycling centres far away. With the goal in mind to treat waste as a resource and holding it in a circular economy for further use, binee rewards user with a discount coupon for every device he returns. You can now find binees around Leipzig and recycle your devices wherever it is more convenient for you.

Marilu Valente, co-founder of binee, will present the journey of the binee team trying to bring the circular economy to the next level, during the oikos.dippt event on the 8th of May at 19:45 pm in SR 12 in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Leipzig.
She will also bring a binee with her, so feel free to bring your old devices to try it out for yourself and choose your discount coupon!

As always, oikos Leipzig provides you with delicious homemade dips, bread from Nixtonne and veggies from the market 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you on the 8th of May.

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