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Holiday season readings!

As Christmas is approaching, here are some great books recommendations for the holiday season from each of binee‘s team member! Merry Christmas everyone!!!


From Martin: “What the Dog Saw”, Malcolm Gladwell

As an industrial engineer for continuous process improvement and as a design thinker focusing on crazy ideation, I am amazed by the insights in stories by Malcolm Gladwell. Engaging to read with a lot of surprising hypotheses that crumble away in the reality test, I can warmly recommend Gladwell’s “What the Dog Saw”. My copy has 410 pages and was 599 Indian Rupees. Enjoy!”  

From Florian: “Design is the problem”, Nathan Shedroff

Having experienced a traditional study as an mechanical engineer i was always missing the sustainability part in the classical methods for product development. As an engineer you have a huge impact when it comes to creating products in a sustainable way. The book “Design is the problem” from Nathan Shedroff is not only a good start for designers but the holistic approach should also be established in every engineer’s mind.”  

From Marilu: “Out of Control”, Kevin Kelly

As technology evolves, so is its complexity. “Out of control” puts forward how technology is evolving by recreating the most complex systems, the biological ones. Design stands right at the intersection of technology and our human nature as living beings, that’s why this is a great read for any designer. The co-founder of Wired, Kevin Kelly, is the author of this eye-opening book reflecting not only current but also future technological trends. This book, which I read during my university years, instilled in me the basis for a cradle to cradle thinking, giving me an understanding the synergies between the biological cycle and technical cycle.

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