e-waste urban mining

The number of new electronic devices produced
and sold is constantly increasing.

Electronic devices are composed of many raw materials which are mined from the earth causing an extensive environmental degradation and destroying entire ecosystems. After the end of the product’s lifecycle, the device becomes ewaste. Some of it gets illegally exported, and ends up being informally recycled on ewaste dumps or landfills where they are burnt, polluting the air with toxic fumes and

poisoning water with negative effects on health and on the environment. If we can collect devices which reached their end-of-life, we can refurbish, reuse, recycle – in short, revalue them. With binee, we want to maximise the resources coming from the urban mines around our cities. Every citizen posseses un untapped source of secondary raw materials which can be used instead of raw materials.

Human health threath

E-waste is a threath to human health since in illegal landfills, people are informally recycling device in open air. Devices are burnt emitting toxic gases

Environmental treath

By informally recycling devices in open air, the toxic substances end up in water courses, polluting the entire water streams in the vicinity of the landfill


Binee increases transparency in the e-waste stream

The e-waste stream is not transparent and this is one of the reason why the e-waste gets illegally exported to emerging countries. binee aims at making this stream more transparent. In fact, binee tracks every step that the e-waste takes.

It is the intermediaire between the user and the recycler. When you return a device inside a binee you will be able to be informed on what happens to your device. binee lets you know when and where your device ends up.

The urban mine

The demand for consumer electronics is definitely not slowing down anytime soon. This means mining precious minerals remains a key cog in the wheel of the electronics manufacturing process. Electronics recycling and urban mining could prove to be a more cost-friendly aide in lessening the problems surrounding the depletion of finite minerals sources.

By recycling electronics we tap into secondary raw materials contained in existing electronic devices. This lessens the need for primary raw materials. If you want to organise a workshop on urban mining, we organise workshops in regards to this topic. If you wan to book our team to organise one at your place, contact us!

We organise workshops on urban mining. If you wan to book our team to organise one at your place

contact us!

binee circular economy

In our current electronics market, we do not always think about the end-of-life of these devices. Current collection rates are low. By increasing the collection of electronic devices, we enable the recycling and re-use of old electronics. By focusing on the end-of-life of these electronics, we enable a circular economy by closing the lifecycle loop of these devices.