Sammlung Handys Elektronik Leipzig

We not only recycle your electronics but also reward you!

binee Recycle mein Elektrogerät

1) Recycle your device in a binee

Find your old or broken device and dispose of it in your nearest binee. When the binee gets full, all the collected devices get shipped to our partner recycler. We partner only with trustworthy recyclers that recycle the e-waste in their local factory. When your device gets recycled, we inform you by e-mail.

Find your nearest binee

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2) Get rewarded from our coupon partners

On the screen of the binee, you can choose a coupon among our coupon partners. Just add your name and e-mail address and we send your discount code. Each binee has 4 different coupons and the coupon selection differs depending on the location of the binee.

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binee recycling gutschein

3) Redeem your voucher

After you have entered your details on the binee, you will instantly receive your coupon code on your smartphone. All the instructions are on the e-mail on how and where to use the coupon. Some of our coupons can be redeemed inside shop and other on online stores.

Our coupon partners

You can insert in a binee any device up to the dimensions of a maximum of 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm. So far we have collected mobile phones, telephones, hair dryers, earphones, digital cameras, laptops, computers, speakers, keyboards, mouses, mainboards and PCBs of different types, watches, alarm clocks, radios, cables, chargers, digital frames for pictures, kitchen tools like kitchen scales and mixers, bathroom utensils like electric toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers, epilators, other household tools like drills, irons and also toys and even mini ventilators. We are thrilled to see what else will come…

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