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What can I recycle inside the binee?

You can insert in a binee any device up to the dimensions of a maximum of 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm. So far we have collected mobile phones, telephones, hair dryers, earphones, digital cameras, laptops, computers, speakers, keyboards, mouses, mainboards and PCBs of different types, watches, alarm clocks, radios, cables, chargers, digital frames for pictures, kitchen tools like kitchen scales and mixers, bathroom utensils like electric toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers, epilators, other household tools like drills, irons and also toys and even mini ventilators.

What if I want to recycle devices bigger than 25cmX25cmX25cm?

Around Leipzig this is where you can dispose of bulky electrical and electronic appliances:




Can I throw away batteries inside a binee?

You should take out all baterries when you dispose of your device inside a binee. 

What happens to my personal data inside my device?

Please delete all data from your device. There are too many devices to post one how-to, but for Windows Phone, Apple devices and Android, here is a good overview: After we collect your devices, a certified logistics partner ships them to our certified recycling partner who perform a certified data erasure using Blancoo erasure software or physical destruction, depending the device. In the Blancoo erasure, the memory is overwritten multiple times by the erasure software. Following completed data erasure, all devices undergo a device test to determine which hardware components are present, and then forwarded for the next processing stage.

What if my device is broken?

We collect devices which are still functional and also broken. We try to maximise the re-use of devices which are still functional. In the case that the device is broken and cannot be repaired, we send it to recyclers who separate the various components and shred them to extract secondary raw materials.

What happens to my device?

Once the binee where you disposed your device inside gets full, the devices inside will be sent to our recycling or re-using partners. binee also offers you the option to track your device. This means that if you input your name and e-mail address on the binee screen, you will get notified of where and when your device is being recycled. 

What is the purpose of the discount coupons?

We at binee, want to offer a reward to the ones using our system and recycle their devices in a responsible way. Whenever you dispose of your old device inside a binee, you have the opportunity to get something back from your effort, making recycling a more user-friendly experience. Also, the collection of electronics is not economically feasible. Therefore we introduce ad-financed recycling – the coupon partners pay us for the service.

Which coupons can I choose from?

Each binee offers 4 coupons. The coupons on the binee differ depending on the location. 

Do I have to get a coupon?

It is not necessary for you to get a coupon. It is an optional service we offer to the ones who would like to be rewarded. 

Could I still get a coupon if I do not have my device with me?

Yes! You can get a coupon even if you do not return an old device. 

How do I get a discount coupon?

The binee has a screen, where you can choose the coupon you prefer and add your name and your e-mail address. Once you confirm the details, you will receive the discount code a moment after on your e-mail address.

What is the difference between your service and the take-back system from electronics store?

Collection rates are too low despite the other services. binee is an addition to the ecosystem. binee aims for innovation in the entire recycling process: – increased re-use rates; using the ecologically sound approach over the economically more viable one; transparency in the electronic waste stream, so you know what happens to the device you recycle with us; a reward for your recycling efforts, so whenever you recycle something with us, we give you a small coupon as a thank you!