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binee gives your old device a second life.

We provide a network of recycling bins where you can dispose of your old electronic devices. We care about the end-of-life cycle of electronics – help us improve the circular economy.

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binee is an electronic waste collection service
turning waste into resources.

Binee is your local recycling service to dispose of your electronics. In addition to providing a responsible way of disposing of your devices, it will reward you with a discount for every device you return. The process is simple:

1. Check the location of your nearest binee

2. Return your device inside the binee

3. Choose a coupon from our partners

4. Redeem your coupon

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You can insert in a binee any device up to the dimensions of a maximum of 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm. So far we have collected mobile phones, telephones, earphones, digital cameras, laptops, computers, speakers, keyboards, mouses, mainboards and PCBs of different types, watches, alarm clocks, radios, cables, chargers, digital frames for pictures, kitchen tools like kitchen scales and mixers, bathroom utensils like electric toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers, epilators, other household tools like drills, irons and also toys and even mini ventilators. We are thrilled to see what else will come…

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