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Offer a new service to your customers

With a binee in your location you can show your environmental responsibility.

Improve your customers relations

By placing one of our binees in your location, you will offer an additional service to your customers. Build a trustful relation with your existing customers and increase your reach by attracting a new target group.

Reach your WEEE directives targets

With binee you are able to reach your WEEE targets with reports on the amount of ewaste collected and processed. We take care of monitoring your monthly collection of old electronics enabling you to fulfill your legal requirements.

Show your green actions

Our service is an ecological alternative to the increasing amount of ewaste. With binee, you can contribute to the recycling and re-using of old electronics in a convenient way. Make your ecological efforts more visible by installing a binee in your location.


The WEEE Directives have been put into place to monitor the increasing waste of electrical and electronic devices.

Collection rate

Directive 2002/96/EC: “For the achievement of the collection rate, Member States shall ensure that collective and/or individual systems are set up, adequate and accessible collection points are established and action to increase collection is taken and promoted (e.g. nationwide awareness campaigns).”

For retailers

Directive 2002/96/EC: “Article 5(2)(c) requires distributors, at retail shops with sales areas relating to EEE of at least 400m2, to accept very small WEEE (no external dimension more than 25cm) when returned to them, with no further obligation to the end-user to buy EEE of an equivalent type. If the WEEE Directives Member States want to deviate from this requirement by applying alternative existing collection schemes, such schemes must be shown to be at least as effective, and the assessment must be made available to the public.”


Directive 2002/96/EC: “National authorities have to ensure that collection rates are achieved taking into account all the channels, as specified in Article 16(4). Member States should put in place measures to gather information on all WEEE that has been separately collected. It is critical for Member States to ensure that anyone who handles WEEE (e.g. recyclers, waste collectors, local authorities, traders), properly reports it, including the type and the quantity of WEEE they handle.”


Directive 2002/96/EC: “From 2019 onwards, the minimum collection rate to be achieved annually shall be 65% of the average weight of EEE placed on the market in the three preceding years in the Member State concerned, or alternatively 85% of WEEE generated on the territory of that Member State as foreseen in Article 7.”

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