disposing of e-waste

binee gives your old device a second life.

We provide a network of recycling bins where you can dispose of your old electronic devices.
We care about the end-of-life cycle of electronics – help us improve the circular economy. 

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binee is an electronic waste collection service
turning waste into resources.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Therefore our binee box helps you to bring transparency to the end-of-life of your device. When you dispose of your ewaste, you can enter your information to get notified on the next step your used electronic device takes. With this tracking, we build trust in the system and make sure the circular lifecycle is also visible to you, the user. We value our society and environment and therefore try to care consciously about WEEE, waste of electrical and electronic equipment. We revalue old electronic equipment redirecting and monitoring the ewaste stream.


At binee, we like to say thank you – and we think you should get a thank you each time you make the effort of bringing your used device to a recycling centre. Motivation is everything, so we thought a discount voucher at our partner stores at the location of the binee bin is a good incentive for you to bring your broken device. We know it’s just a little reward – because high quality recycling is actually quite expensive and so is the logistics for our locatiosn of bins at convenient places. If you want real big money back at the current value for your great nearly new phone, maybe it’s an alternative for you to try to sell your device online.


We partner with reliable refurbishers to increase the lifecycle of electronics and with trustworthy ewaste recycling companies to ensure the best treatment and processing of the resources. We care about the end-of-life of electronics – help us improve the circular economy.
Why? Because this avoids mining for raw materials, which destroys natural ecosystems. Plastics and metals like cobalt, copper, platinum, gold all are resources that should be captured in so-called urban mining – and re-used. Legal fulfillment and reporting are important to us, and we go even further with our transparency and tracking approach.

e-waste recycling

You can insert in a binee any device up to the dimensions of a maximum of 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm .
So far we have collected mobile phones, telephones, hair dryers, earphones, digital cameras, laptops, computers, speakers, keyboards, mouses, mainboards and PCBs of different types, watches, alarm clocks, radios, cables, chargers, digital frames for pictures, kitchen tools like kitchen scales and mixers, bathroom utensils like electric toothbrushes, razors, hair dryers, epilators, other household tools like drills, irons and also toys and even mini ventilators. We are thrilled to see what else will come…

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In these locations you will be able to redeem discount vouchers from our partners:


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Slow fashion brand from Germany

We have started building our network,
stay tuned for further updates on new locations!

The number of new electronic devices produced
and sold is constantly increasing.

Electronic devices are composed of many raw materials which are mined from the earth causing an extensive environmental degradation. After the end of the product’s lifecycle, the device becomes ewaste. Some of it gets illegally exported, and ends up being informally recycled on ewaste dumps or landfills where they are burnt, polluting the air with toxic fumes and 

poisoning water with negative effects on health and on the environment. If we can collect devices which reached their end-of-life, we can refurbish, reuse, recycle – in short, revalue them. With binee, we are working for a zero waste society. We believe in our power to change the world together, with sustainable green action. Do the right thing with us – put your old device in your nearest binee.

What can you do to help?



Find your old electronic device.



Go to your nearest binee.



Insert your old device in the binee.



Redeem your voucher.



Get notified when your device is recycled or re-used.

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